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Welcome to Toard 12/15/2021
Toard is a open source social Bulletin board, That used to discuss some stuff in real, internet, Music, or tech.
What is Toard? 12/15/2021
Toard is a Text only Bulletin board. And it's supposed to be anonymous for everyone. No registration is required, 0% Javascript is included in frontend.

Toard is written in Javascript (NodeJS)
Is Toard 4chan clone? 12/15/2021
4chan is a Image bulletin board, While Toard is a complete text-only bulletin board. Both is different when you see of how it works.
How to create a post? 12/15/2021
You see a button at the near top bar? Press it. You need to write your post title, and your description. Same as how do you reply to a post.
Where's the source code? 12/15/2021
Need API to build your own Toard Client? 12/15/2021
See /toard_api Endpoint

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